12V Off Grid Chest Freezer


The C4P Inc. line of 12-24VDC Off-grid Chest Freezer are specially designed to take advantage of rising solar and alternative energy markets for off-grid home,
cottage, cabin, rural and RV applications. C4P's unique compressor design allows it to operate from a single 220 watt solar panel and draws as little as 55 Amp/Hr.

The C4P Chest Freezer can operate as either a freezer or refrigerator depending on the temperature setting. Internal temperature can be adjusted between +4C to -22C (39F to -7.6F).

Product Features

  • Can operate as a refrigerator or freezer.
  • Automatic 12Vdc / 24Vdc current switch
  • Adjustable 7 setting thermostat temperature control
  • 4.5" Layer of Polyurethane Insulation and double gasket seal
  • Powder Coated galvanized steel interior
  • Minimal frost build up & cold loss
  • Built-in self diagnostics LED for fast and easy trouble shooting
  • Automatic Interior LED Lights
  • Slide out drawers and adjustable shelves for easy access
  • Compact design
  • No inverters required