FPlug Freightliner Adapter Wire Harness

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The FPlug Adapter Wire Harness is a power adapter cable specifically designed for Freightliner installations where the TruckFridge is replacing an existing OEM refrigerator. The FPlug connects the TruckFridge to the Freightliner factory OEM installed truck wiring harness. The FPlug is approximately 24 inches in length and consists of two (2) 12 gauge wires; Red (positive) and Black (negative). One end terminates in a female double spade connector that connects to the TruckFridge male connector and the other end terminates in a female connector that connects to the Freightliner existing OEM male connector in the truck.


Used to replace TruckFridge 12V built-in fridge in Freightliner using existing OEM wiring. Note. For new fridge installation use the UPlug Wire Harness.