TF49DC 49L/1.73 Cu.Ft. 12V Refrigerator w/Freezer

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The TF49DC Truckfridge refrigerator has been designed and tested to give years of performance and reliability.
The 12V DC power supply makes the Truckfridge especially versatile. The power source can be a battery, a surge protected DC transformer or a solar panel. Note. Never connect the Truckfridge directly to a battery charger. A battery must be used inline to protect the compressor Electric Control Module (ECM).
The TF49DC is a TRUE 12-24VDC compressor refrigerator with freezer using the world famous Danfoss/Secop BD35F-HD heavy duty compressor for unsurpassed reliability, durability and performance.

The high quality components used in the production of the TF49DC result in low power consumption (will not kill your batteries) and higher quality than most OEM refrigerators. The TF49DC is built tough ... built to last ... and comes with an unconditional two year warranty.

The refrigerator holds bottles in vertical and horizontal positions. The fan-cooled compressor unit is integrated on the upper part of the refrigerator. Installation frame, adjustable thermostat and interior light are all standard features.

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Product Features

  • TRUE 12Vdc compressor type refrigerator/freezer for superior performance
  • High-efficiency Danfoss/Secop compressor minimizes power consumption.
  • Forced air fin and tube condenser for optimal performance.
  • Super quiet Operation.
  • Includes standard installation flange kit. Custom flange kits are available at additional cost.
  • Average power consumption of only 2 amp/hour (40Amp/24 hours)
  • Built-in low voltage cut-out and overvoltage protection.
  • No power inverter is required.
  • Will not kill your batteries (three-level battery protection)
  • Built-in low voltage cut-out and overvoltage protection.
  • Installation frame, adjustable thermostat, and interior light standard at no charge.
  • High-density insulation, CFC-free polyurethane foam.
  • The fridge liner is made from thermoformed plastic for easy clean-up.
  • Replaceable gloss black front door panel.
  • Reversible door opening
  • The door latch provides positive door closure and is also designed with a special catch to allow the door to be secured in the open postion for storage.



The TF49DC is the ideal built-in 12V refrigerator for highway trucks with sleeper cabs. Fits most Kenworth, Peterbilt - 63" Sleeper, Freightliner Century, Columbia, Coronado, Cascadia, Mack, and 2009+ International Pro Series.

*Note: The TF49DC will fit the 2018 and older Cascadia Classic and Evolution models with appropriate sized cabinets however will not fit the 2018 "New P4 Cascadia" model truck. See the TF86DC model for details. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Northern Fridge for assistance.

Van / RV / Trailer

The TF49DC is ideal for many RV, trailer, and camper van applications requiring little or no alterations. The TF49DC is popular in older Volkswagen Westfalia/Vanagon vans, Mercedes Sprinter, Dodge Ram ProMaster, Ford Transit, and GM vans to name a few. Also popular with many camper trailers.

Shore Power (110VAC)

The use of shore power eliminates the need for generators, solar power, or running the vehicle's engine to recharge the auxiliary deep cycle battery during long stopovers.

TF49DC can alternatively be used in shore power applications where 110VAC power is available. Simply add a 12VDC battery charger always connected to the deep cycle battery. You can plug and unplug the battery charger without affecting the fridge. Alternatively, the TF49ACDC model eliminates the need for an external battery charger.

  1. Freightliner Cascadia may require additional mounting plate(s) not included with fridge. See TF49-2PCAS-R and TF49-4PCAS-N installation kits under "12V Truck/Van Fridge Accessories" for details. 
  2. Always measure your cabinet opening to insure you order the correct size fridge the first time. Cabinet opening should measure approximately 15” wide x 20.5" high x 18" deep..
  3. Power connection is made using T-shaped connector from the rear of the cigarette lighter plug. (NEVER USE CIGARETTE PLUG AS PERMANENT CONNECTION!).




Size (HxWxD) inches 20 1/2"h x 15"w x 18"d
Gross capacity 49 litre / 1.73 cu. ft.
Nominal voltage 12-24VDC
Nominal input power 60 watt/hour (5 amp/hour)
Average power consumption 40 Amps over 24 hours @ 75F/24C ambient with 36F/2.2C internal temperature.
In-line fuse 15A (12VDC), 7.5A (24VDC)
Refrigerant R134a
Temperature Range +2oC to -7oC (35oF to 18oF)
Ambient Temperature Indel B Italy claims test to show that unit can maintain food safe temperatures (34-40F / 1-5C) at ambient temperatures up to 120F / 49C.
Air cooling Forced with fan
EMC conformity Yes
Standard Features

Interior light, adjustable thermostat
low voltage cut-out, installation flange kit included.

Net weight (lbs) 37 lbs
Warranty Two (2) year parts and labour

Note. If in doubt about the model for your truck, always confirm by measuring the height, width and depth of the cabinet opening before ordering.

Disclaimer for custom installations* As all good cabinet makers know, never make the first cut on cabinets until you have the appliances in front of you. Screw heads, hinges, and door swings must always be taken into account. Failure to observe this information may result in ill fitting installations or additional costs to you. This is not considered a manufacturing or TruckFridge issue. Specifications may be subject to change without notice or obligation.

Please note that models, prices, and availability is subject to change without obligation or notice. 

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