HES-PV Solar Systems

People who have RVs and camper vans love the freedom of choice. With a solar power system from HES-PV, you can choose where you camp, and how long. You can enjoy the comforts of electricity without worrying about batteries or listening to a generator.

HES-PV brings you over 25 years of experience in the design and installation of solar power systems. Their products offer only the highest quality components including HES-PV solar panels, EWC and MPPT charge controllers with digital display that are optimized for RV and camper van installations. Performance, value, and long trouble free operation are what you can expect from HES solar systems. All systems are modular so they can grow as your power needs change.

Product Features

  • POWER FOR YOU ON THE GO. HES-RV Kits are designed to charge your batteries while dry camping. They provide extra power so you can enjoy the comforts of battery power wherever you camp.
  • QUALITY SOLAR MODULES. HES-RV Solar System components are designed for year round Canadian climates and to exceed the life of your RV or camper van or trailer. Panels come with a 25 year warranty.
  • Expandable 
  • Plug & Play Wiring. The HES-PV Solar Systems uses MC-4 type wiring connectors for secure, plug and play electrical connections. Use the sunlight resistant HES MC Series cables to extend the array cabling up to 50 ft, or HES combiners to transition to conduit or Teck cable.


The HES-PV Solar System Kits are ideal for many RV and camper van applications requiring no or minimal alterations.

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* Please note that models, prices, and availability is subject to change without obligation or notice.