Peterbilt Standard Models  * CR49
Peterbilt 70" Bunk Models  **


Peterbilt 63" Bunk Models ***



 * May vary depending on year. Check measurements before ordering.
** Older 70" models had a spot for the fridge behind the drivers seat in the upper cabinet.
*** Typically installs easily in 16" cabinets behind driver or passenger seats. The 63” bunk 379 Pete trucks typically don’t have a fridge cabinet. Prior to having the TF86 fridge, people would just put a CR49 in the closet in these trucks.
The closet is 16-1/4” wide. Both the CR49 and TF86 are 15” wide so they fit into the closet. The mounting flange on the fridge is not wide enough to anchor on both sides of the closet so the customer would have to fashion some way to hold the fridge in place. Some people have made “L” brackets to hold fridges in place. Some have use a bar across the top and others have used "nylon ratchet" straps achored to eye bolts installed in the floor.