12V Truck Fridge Warranty - Northern Fridge

Northern Fridge, warrants all Truckfridge built-in and portable model refrigerators (hereafter referred to as Truckfridge) to be free of defects in material and workmanship under design usage and service conditions for (1) one year on parts and labour from the original date of purchase. Replacement parts are covered for the remainder of the Truckfridge warranty or ninety (90) days, whichever is greater. This warranty does not apply to damage or failure of the Truckfridge or the vehicle and/or enclosure into which it was installed due to improper installation, assembly, maintenance, abuse, neglect, accident, or use of part(s) not supplied by Northern Fridge.

Parts: Coverage for warrantable parts, at the discretion of Northern Fridge, will be made to the claimant in the form of repair, replacement or credit.

Labour: All labor costs associated with the repair or replacement of the Truckfridge will be covered by Northern Fridge. Truckfridge and/or parts which are returned as defective, but which are found to meet the specifications agreed upon, shall be subject to a retesting charge and customer will be responsible for all return shipping and handling costs.

The warranties set forth herein are the sole warranties made by Northern Fridge in regard to the Truckfridge. Northern Fridge makes no other warranties, expressed or implied, of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

Items covered under this warranty

  1. All Truckfridge models including condenser, compressor, electrical components, trim and plastic parts.
  2. Northern Fridge supplied accessories.

Items not covered under this warranty

  1. Truckfridge no longer within the warranty period.
  2. Installation errors or failure arising as the consequence of installation errors.
  3. Any progressive damage to the vehicle arising out of the failure of the Truckfridge.
  4. Truckfridge which have been modified or use of non-standard parts not approved by Northern Fridge.
  5. Truckfridge that have been abused or damaged.
  6. Diagnosis or repairs when caused by problems not directly related to the Truckfridge or due to power related problems.
  7. Truckfridge performance, run-times or duty cycles.

Owner is responsible for the cost of all repairs made to the equipment in which the Truckfridge is installed. Owner is responsible for all accommodations, meals, "down-time” expenses, business costs and losses and incidental costs incurred by the Owner as a result of a warrantable failure.


Authorization is required before any Truckfridge can be returned for service and/or replacement. Proof of purchase is required. Please call (877) 322-7283 or email support@northernfridge.ca to obtain a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number. Ensure that the RMA number is clearly indicated on the return package.

The customer is responsible for proper packaging as well as all shipping and insurance costs (to and from Northern Fridge) on all Truckfridge returned to Northern Fridge.

If you have any questions or concerns about the Truckfridge warranty, please call at (877) 322-7283 or email at support@northernfridge.ca.