2PCAS - 2 Piece Cascadia Mounting Bracket Kit

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The 2PCAS 2 piece Freightliner Cascadia mounting bracket kit can be used to easily replace a refrigerator in a Freightliner Cascadia that previously had a factory installed refrigerator (black steel mounting plates are still in the truck cabinet). Simply unbolt the old refrigerator (three bolts), slide it out, slide in the new refrigerator, bolt it into place and the new refrigerator is installed.

Remember. This is ONLY for Cascadia that has factory fridge black bottom mounting plate and top bracket already in the cabinet. If your Cascadia cabinet does not have factory black mounting plate inside the cabinet on the shelf, you will need to order the complete 4PCAS Kit.

To install the 2PCAS mounting kit on the fridge, please see 2PCAS Installation Instructions below.