C4P9CF 255L/9 cu.ft 12V Off Grid Chest Freezer Refrigerator

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C4Pinc™ C4P9CF


C4P Inc. is a leading solar freezer manufacturer in North America. With all SunStar 9, 14 and 21 cubic foot chest freezers, storage space is abundant. The C4P9CF solar-powered chest freezer consumes minimal energy as compared to an average appliance due to C4P’s specialized DC compressor, sealant technology, and 4.5″ layer of polyurethane insulation. No inverters are needed for operation; these solar freezers can run straight from batteries.

All SunStar C4P solar freezer models are built from the ground up and wired to operate on DC, which is the energy generated from solar panels. This means having a DC-specific compressor and module, as well as a thicker gauge of cable in order to handle the DC power. Our solar freezers can be operated with a single 220 watt panel and two deep cycle batteries, allowing you to save not only on the cost of an inverter, but also on panels and batteries, as well as the space they take up.

The C4P9CF solar freezer also features a powdered coated galvanized steel interior for durability and longevity, a double gasket design to ensure the tightest freezer seal possible, along with a powerful cooling fan to enhance the life of the compressor, and in turn, your freezer. All of our solar appliances are equipped with an automatic voltage detection switch, so your 12 volt freezer can flawlessly switch to a 24 volt freezer. Built-in self diagnostics LED allows for fast and easy troubleshooting.

The C4P9CF can operate as either a freezer or refrigerator depending on the temperature setting. Internal temperature can be adjusted between +4C to -22C (39F to -7.6F).

Features (See video below)

  • 12v / 24v DC Power with automatic switching
  • Adjustable 7 setting thermostat control
  • Can operate as a refrigerator or freezer.
  • 4.5" Layer of Polyurethane Insulation
  • Powder Coated galvanized steel interior
  • Air cooled condenser for fast cool down
  • Minimal frost build up & cold loss
  • Double gasket seal
  • No Inverter required
  • Self diagnostic LED for easy trouble shooting
  • Minimal Run Time


Hunting & Fishing Camps
Homes & Cabins
RV and Campers
Markets & Stores
Remote locations requiring an off-grid freezer
Replace gas generators and prophane appliances




Total Capacity 9 Cu. Ft. / 254 Liter
Input Voltage 12-24 Vdc (Automatic detection)
Input Voltage Range 12V (9.6Vdc-17Vdc); 24V (21Vdc-31.5Vdc)
Compressor Start-up Power 200 Watt/hour
Typical Power Consumption 40-100 Watt/hour
Typical Current Consumption 5 amp/hour (12Vdc), 2.5 amp/hour (24Vdc)
Refrigerant R-134a
Temperature Range +4C to -22C /39F to -7.6F

Total Power @ 21C / 70F Ambient
Watt/Hour (wa)
Amps/Hour (ah)

0C/32F - 218wh / 16.5ah
-13C/8F - 300whr /24ah
-18C/0F - 374wh / 28ah

Total Power @ 32C / 90F Ambient
Watt/Hour (wa)
Amps/Hour (ah)
0C/32F - 272wh / 20.5ah
-13C/8F - 376whr /28ah
-18C/0F - 491wh / 38ah
Dimensions (WxDxH) 110cm x 80cm x 83cm / 43.7" x 31.6" x32.7"
Net Weight 60 Kg / 132 Lbs
Warranty 1.5 Year


C4P9CF Features


The C4P9CF 12V Off-grid Chest Freezer is designed to run on a single 220 Watt solar panel. The optional C4PKit1-A solar power accessory kit comes pre-wired and  includes everything required to power your C4P9CF, including solar panels, solar charge controller with meter, breaker box and all connecting wires and brackets.


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