HES-300W-30 RV/Van Solar System Kit

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The HES-300W-30 RV/Van Solar System Kit offers only the highest quality components, including (1) HES-300W -30 Solar Panel, (1) EPS-MPPT-30 Charge Controller, (1) EPS-MT50 Remote Monitor, (3) MH-2 Mounting Hardware Kit and (1) MC-BLK-20 solar cable. The HES-300W-30 RV/Van Solar System Kit provides exceptional performance, value and long trouble-free operation.

Require more power? Upgrade to the HES-300W-40 RV/Van Solar System Kit that is expandable and can grow with your needs. Up to two HES-300 panels can be configured using the MC-PAR (Multi-Contact Parallel Plug M/F Pair) providing up to 600 Watt of power with a 40A MPPT Charge Controller.

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Product Features

  • POWER FOR YOU ON THE GO. HES-RV Kits are designed to charge your batteries while dry camping. They provide extra power so you can enjoy the comforts of battery power wherever you camp.
  • QUALITY SOLAR MODULESHES-RV Solar System components are designed for year round Canadian climates and to exceed the life of your RV or camper van or trailer. Panels come with a 25 year warranty.
  • LCD Display: The EPS-RV-30 PWM Charge Controller's flush mount provides an aesthetically clean and integrated look with special LCD display of real-time operating status and supports sealed, gel, flooded and user supplied type batteries and protects battery overcharging and short circuits.
  • Expandable: Up to 480 Watt (up to 3 panels connected via MC-Par plugs). Note: Requires  (1) MC-Par plug and (2) MH-2 Mounting Hardware packages per additional panel.
  • Plug & Play Wiring. The HES-160W-30 RV/Van Solar System Kit uses MC-4 type wiring connectors for secure, plug and play electrical connections. Use the sunlight resistant HES MC Series cables to extend the array cabling up to 50 ft, or HES combiners to transition to conduit or Teck cable.


    The HES-300W-30 RV/Van Solar System Kit is ideal for many RV and camper van applications requiring off grid power with no or minimal alterations.



    HES-300W-30 RV/Van Solar System Kit

    Kit Includes (1) HES-300W Panel, (1) EPS-MPPT-30 Charge Controller, (1) EPS-MT50 Remote Monitor, (3) HES MH-2 Mounting Hardware and (1) MC-BLK-20 Cable
    Panel construction Textured PV glass to naturally increase light diffusion. 
    Rated Power 300 Watt
    Rated Current (Ipm) 9.15 Amp
    Rated Voltage (Vpm) 32.8 Volt
    Dimensions 64.6" x 39." x 1.38"
    Net weight (lbs) 39.6 lbs
    Warranty 12 year mechanical and 30 year power output


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