HES-300W-40 RV/Van Solar System Kit

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The HES-300W-40 RV/Van Solar System Kit offers only the highest quality components, including (1) HES-300W Solar Panel, (1) EPS-MPPT-40 Charge Controller, (1) EPS-MT50 Remote Monitor, (3) MH-2 Mounting Hardware Kit and (1) MC-BLK-20 solar cable. The HES-300W-40 RV/Van Solar System Kit provides exceptional performance, value and long trouble-free operation.

The HES-300W-40 RV/Van Solar System Kit is expandable and can grow with your needs. Up to two HES-300W panels can be configured using the MC-PAR (Multi-Contact Parallel Plug M/F Pair) providing up to 600 Watt of power.

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Product Features

  • High efficiency mono-crystalline solar cells
  • The MPPT charge controller is an advanced battery charger for your photovoltaic (PV) system providing up to 20% more power. The MPPT Charge Controller features a smart tracking algorithm that maximizes the energy harvest from the PV and also provides load control to prevent over discharging and over charging of the battery.
  • Plug & Play Wiring. The HES-300W-30 RV/Van Solar System Kit uses MC-4 type wiring connectors for secure, plug and play electrical connections. Use the sunlight resistant HES MC Series cables to extend the array cabling up to 50 ft, or HES combiners to transition to conduit or Teck cable.


The HES-300W-40 RV/Van Solar System Kit is ideal for many RV and camper van applications requiring off grid power with no or minimal alterations.



HES-300W-40 RV/Van Solar System Kit

Kit Includes (1) HES-300W Solar Panel, (1) EPS-MPPT-40 Charge Controller, (1) EPS-MT50 Remote Monitor,  (3) HES-MH-2 Mounting Hardware and (1) MC-BLK-20 Cable
Panel construction Textured PV glass to naturally increase light diffusion. 
Rated Power 300 Watt
Rated Battery Current 40 Amp
Nominal Voltage
12/24 VDC
Dimensions 64.6" x 39." x 1.38"
Net weight (lbs) 39.6 lbs
Warranty 10 year mechanical and 25 year power output


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