Kisae 3000W Inverter

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All modern electronics are designed to run on electricity using a True (Pure) sine waveform, the most reliable waveform available. It is the same waveform the utility company supplies to your home and business. KISAE True sine wave inverters provide power with very low harmonic distortion, noise or excess heat. These inverters are the preferred choice for powering “sensitive loads” like onboard electronics and demanding motor loads. Some appliances also require a True sine wave to run properly. These include: digital clocks, light dimmers, variable speed motors, flat screen TVs, video game consoles, battery chargers and audio/visual equipment. Because of their advanced features and benefits, True sinewave inverters represent a premium purchase choice.

Product Features

  • True pure sine wave inverter with transfer switch
  • Premium output to run your loads
  • Regulatory approved
  • Commercial / residential and leisure use


  • Industry - for powering critical onboard systems in EMS emergency vehicles, fleet trucking and warehouse vehicles.
  • Leisure - for powering onboard systems in RVs, Yachts and Boats.
  • Portable Power - for camping and business travellers.
  • Emergency Backup - for homes and businesses during power outages and storms.
  • Solar Power - for off-grid 'green' remote homes and cottages.
  • Rural Electrification Systems - for use in homes, schools, businesses, hospitals and medical clinics in the developing Third World



Kisae 3000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter

AC Output Power Continuous 3000W
AC Output Power Peak 6000W
AC Output Voltage 120Vac / 60Hz
DC Input Voltage 10.5 - 15.5Vdc
DC Current (no load) <1.5A
5Vdc USB Output Current 2.1A
Digital Display Input voltage, output power, warning, error code
Dimensions 21" x 9" x 4.5"
Net weight (lbs) 13 lbs
Warranty 10 year mechanical and 25 year power output
Conformance UL, CSA Standards


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