TF78DC 86L/3.0 CuFt 12V Refrigerator w/Freezer

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The TF78DC is a 12-24Vdc only refrigerator w/freezer that is designed for custom installations including most 2018+ New Freightliner Cascadia without cabinet; 63" Peterbilt with no door and Volvo 780 and 880 models.

Can be used to replace the factory model. Connects to the 12VDC factory fridge wiring existing in most trucks using optional adapter cables if needed. See "12V Truck/Van Fridge Accessories" for details. CAUITION. Cigarette type receptacles and plugs not recommended and may not function adequately.

Other Truckfridge models include the TF49DC (12-24VDC)TF49ACDC (12-24VDC, 110-220VAC), TF65DC (12-24VDC), TF65ACDC (12-24VDC, 110-220VAC), TFDR49DC-BL (12-24VDC), TF130DC (12-24VDC) and TF130ACDC (12-24VDC, 110-220VAC).

Product Features

  • TRUE 12Vdc compressor type refrigerator / freezer for superior performance
  • High efficiency Danfoss/Secop compressor minimizes power consumption
  • Average power consumption under 2 amp/hour
  • Will not kill your batteries (three level battery protection)
  • Adjustable thermostat, (2) wire shelf, (3) door shelf and interior light standard
  • Self diagnostics built in.


Truck Fridge

The TF78DC is a 12-24Vdc only Refrigerator w/Freezer and is designed for custom installations including most 2018 (New) Freightliner Cascadia without cabinet *, 63" Peterbilt with no door and Volvo** 780/880 models.


* Freightliner NEW Cascadia installation: TF78DC mounts directly onto either the 17.5" or 24" base plates behind passenger seat using OEM supplied straps.

** Volvo 780/880: TF78DC has the same height and depth as the OEM Volvo fridge however is narrower leaving a gap on the left side of the fridge due to the curved cabinet. Note. TruckFridge will be providing both a Volvo installation kit and cosmetic finishing panels in the near future and may be re-installed at a later date.




Outside Dimensions (inches)

Fridge w/Freezer 15"W x 34"H x 22"D
Inside Dimensions (inches)
Fridge (Main) 12.5"W x 14.25"H x 17"D
Fridge (Lower/Step) 12.5"W x 5.25"H x 10.75"D
Freezer 9.5"W x 8.75"H x 17"D
Total Capacity 86 litre / 3.01 cu. ft.
Fridge (Upper/Lower) 63 Liter / 2.2
Freezer 23 Liter / .81
Nominal voltage 12-24Vdc
Nominal input power 60 watt/hour (5 amp/hour)
Average power consumption 45 Amps/24h. (1.9 amp/hour)
In-line fuse 15A (12VDC), 7.5A (24VDC)
Refrigerant R134a
Temperature Range +2oC to -7oC (35oF to 18oF)
Air cooling Forced with fan
EMC conformity Yes

Interior light, adjustable thermostat, (2)wire shelves, (3)door shelves and low voltage, interior light, low voltage cut-out.

Net weight (lbs) 55 lbs
Warranty Two (2) year parts and labour

Note. If in doubt about the model for your truck, always confirm by measuring the height, width and depth of the cabinet opening before ordering.

Please note that models, prices, and availability is subject to change without obligation or notice. 

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