About Our Company - Northern Fridge

Northern Fridge is a wholly owned Canadian company and the exclusive Canadian distributor for the Truckfridge™ line of 12-24 VDC / 115 VAC 60Hz built-in fridges and portable cooler / freezers for the transportation and leisure industries. Northern Fridge is also a dealer for the C4P™ line of 12V-24V offgrid refrigerator/freezers and 12-24V offgrid chest freezers.


Northern Fridge is a subsidiary of SHNS Incorporated, formed in 2001. Northern Fridge was formed to address the direct and online sales for the Truckfridge™ line of fridge/freezer and cooler/freezer.

Northern Fridge services the Canadian marketplace from its head office located in Lakefield, Ontario. See Contact Us for complete details.


Northern Fridge Partners


The Truckfridge™ line of built-in/front opening fridge/freezer for truck sleeper/cab and portable/top opening cooler/freezer for the leisure market are BUILT TOUGH...BUILT TO LAST... They use only the highest quality components for unparalleled durability, performance and long life. The world class Danfoss/Secop compressor, typically found in most home appliances, provides true DC compressor refrigeration with freezer and are not thermo electric coolers.

C4P (Creative for Products) Inc. is a product development, sourcing and manufacturing company dedicated to making the world a better place. The C4P™ line of high quality 12V-24V offgrid refrigerator/freezers and 12-24V offgrid chest freezers are specifically designed for solar applications and use C4P's proprietary DC compressor.