12V Van Fridge


The former Indel B Truckfridge™ “TF” brand of 12V Truck and Van fridges has been upgraded to the new OFF “CR” brand of 12V Truck and Van fridges. Same great fridge with some added new features that simplify installation.

The Truckfridge™ Cruise (CR) line of 12V van fridges are ideally suited for most North American camper vans, trailers and RV's.
 Most models can be ordered as DC Only (12-24VDC) or as ACDC (12-24VDC, 110-220VAC 60/50 Hz) for shorepower applications.

When equipped as ACDC the fridge automatically switches from 12VDC battery power to 110VAC (household, shore power or generator) when plugged in and then back to 12VDC when the 110VAC is no longer available.

CR series fridges come standard with the EasyFix system that consists of bushings through the interior walls of the fridge allowing the customer to mount the fridge without the use of the standard flange kit. When the EasyFix system is used, the customer can vary the depth in the cabinet and make the fridge “flush mount” if desired. Using an standard mounting flange kit will give what’s usually called a “surface mount” when the door projects slightly further outward than the cabinet.

The CR49 and CR65 are the fridges of choice for older Volkswagon Westfalia and Vanagon van owners as well as Sprinter and ProMaster. The CR130  and CR86DC have also become popular with the ProMaster and Ford Transit camper vans.

For additional information check out "Van/Trailer/RV Fridge Applications".

Disclaimer for custom installations* As all good cabinet makers know, never make the first cut on cabinets until you have the appliances in front of you. Screw heads, hinges, and door swings must always be taken into account. Failure to observe this information may result in ill fitting installations or additional costs to you. This is not considered a manufacturing or TruckFridge issue. Specifications may be subject to change without notice or obligation.