L044 TF130 Fan

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The L044 replacement fan is used in the TF130 model refrigerator. The fan Is just a common computer case fan available in most computer stores. The specifications are DC12V, 0.28A - 120mm x 120mm x 25mm (4.72" x 4.72" x .98"). The TF130 uses the Evercool # EC12025M12S. It has a 3-pin connector. To replace, remove the connector and yellow wire and put female terminals on the black and red wires to connect to the ECU. For ECU wiring diagrams see "Trickfridge Built-in User Manual" for DC models (Section 8.6.1) and ACDC models (Section 8.7.1).

Note. These fans can typically be purchased from Amazon or ordered from Northern Fridge.