TF18DC 18L/.64 Cu.Ft 12V Portable Refrigerator/Freezer

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Small outside but big inside, the TF18DC portable refrigerator, offers the best of electronic technology. It was designed to be fitted in small spaces and to be carried and transported everywhere thanks to its low weight and the adjustable shoulder strap. The new Danfoss/SECOP BD Micro compressor installed in the TF18DC makes the portable refrigerator compact outside and spacious inside like a thermoelectric fridge but with the superior performance of a compressor type refrigerator / freezer. The TF18DC is equipped with internal LED light and electronic thermostat and it is all injection made using high quality components. The Danfoss/SECOP BD Micro is a Compressor which regulates the speed according to the temperature set on the thermostat and the inside of the refrigerator, thereby reducing power consumption to a minimum.

Other Truckfridge portable models include the TF15DC (12-24Vdc), TF31ACDC (12-24Vdc, 110-220VAC), TF41ACDC (12-24Vdc, 110-220VAC) and TF51ACDC (12-24Vdc, 110-220VAC).

Product Features

  • TRUE 12Vdc compressor type refrigerator for superior performance
  • Compressor speed varies with thermostat setting and inside temperature of fridge
  • Small outside but big inside. Low weight for easy portability
  • Low average power consumption of only .52 amp/hour
  • Ideal for small places, travelling or any outdoor activity


The TF18DC small size and light weight make it ideal for small spaces, travelling, job site, grocery shopping, food and drugs transportation, vans, tailgate parties, recreational vehicles, camping and any outdoor activity.




Type True 12Vdc compressor refrigeration
Gross Capacity 18 litre / .64 cu. ft.
Input Voltage 12-24 Vdc. Cigarette lighter type power cord supplied. Note 1
Input Power 35 Watts/Hr , 2.9 Amp/Hr
Power Consumption

150 Watts/Hr over 24 hours

Temperature Range 15 to 20 Fahrenheit
34 to 40 Fahrenheit (recommended range)
Size (L x W x H) inches 22.2"L x 9.24"W x 14.15"H
Weight (lb) 18.92 Lb
Features High efficiency Danfoss/SECOP BD1.4F Micro compressor, internal light, sholder strap.
Warranty One (1) year parts & labour

Note 1: Not recommended. Compressor may run continuously and draws a lot of power.

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