TB Slide Mount for 12V Portable Fridge Freezer

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The TB Slide Mount is designed to provide easy access and securely fasten the TF31ACDC, TF41ACDC and TF51ACDC portable refrigerator / Freezer in most vehicles. Includes brackets with tie down straps to hold fridge on top of slide.


Provide secure and easy access of TF31ACDC, TF41ACDC and TF51ACDC in trucks, vans, trailers and RV's.



TB Slide Mount

Type Mounting bracket
Size (W x H x L) inches 15.9"W x 2.55"H x 24.75"L (28" with the carrying handles installed)
Weight (lb) 12 lb
Max. Load 220 Lb / 100 Kg
Warranty One (1) year parts & labour


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